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MagicSongs, today, can compose and produce a Magic Song piece for you, using a revolutionary personal technology to obtain personalized songs made at human image by applying the so called “Golden Ratio” or “Divine Proportion” (see MADE IN YOUR IMAGE section for more details). You will find a lot of offers for personalized songs on the Net but that offers are for ordinary light music. Instead MagicSongs can give you the exclusive possibility to have a classic music made in your image, created to seduce the whole world! (read SEDUCTION POWER section for more details).

Do you want an example? Listen to Magic Songs “Prelude” pushing play on the player below:

How many time you have listen a song remembering a magic moment  of your life? Such song became your sountrack, the soundtrack of your life! But often, this song is more or less notorius and then, it is really a soundtrack for a lot of people! This is not romantic at all! Imagine to present a rented engagement ring!

Today, MagicSongs with its PERSONALIZED SONGS gives you the possibility to present an exclusive model of “engagement song”, an only copy extant!!! A life soundtrack composed just for you and your love! It will be not a simple light music but a genuine classical piece played on the most loved instrument of all time, the piano… and above all, it will be a magic song that will be guaranteed by our personal warranty as a unique inedit composition and therefore the only copy extant!!!

How much costs all this? The cost depends primarily on the time of creation. Essentially we must transfer human ratio image into our music through complicated and sometime very long interactions among the pianist composer, the instrument, the music hall, the recording room, the mixing and mastering procedures. So, naturally, if you pay us more time, we will give more beauty to your personalized songs!

Accordantly to the creation time, the price will be:

Personalized Magic Songs – 01 creation days …………$ 170,00 (USD – dollar)
Personalized Magic Songs02 creation days ………. $ 340,00 (USD – dollar)
Personalized Magic Songs03 creation days ………..$ 510,00 (USD – dollar)
Personalized Magic Songs05 creation days ………..$ 850,00 (USD – dollar)
Personalized Magic Songs08 creation days ……….$ 1360,00 (USD – dollar)
Personalized Magic Songs13 creation days .……….$ 2210,00 (USD – dollar)
Personalized Magic Songs - 21 creation days ………..$ 3570,00 (USD – dollar)
Personalized Magic Songs - 34 creation days ……….$ 5780,00 (USD – dollar)

The above prices for Personalized Songs include: the fixed time for composition and two or three days for professional music recording, mixing and mastering. Mixing and mastering are optimization procedures applyied in all the commercial CDs you can buy. Professional mixing and mastering are comprised in the above prices.

Your purchase is guaranteed! Indeed, after the creation days that you have selected, we will send you (by email) a demo of your Personalized Magic Song. If you don’t like it, we will compose another Magic Song for you, until you are satisfied!

For “13 creation days “ or more, we like to deliver your Magic Songs on personalized site that, if you want, we can create FREE for you! A simple, basic site, with a photo gallery and a small dedication to your darling (for example). You can send us all the material (text and photos) that you would like to find in your personal site. The address of your site could be: We will buy “FREE” for you that domain. The domain will expire after 1 year, but if you want you can renew it for $ 21 (USD – dollar) the next year. We can also put your site in a “FREE” domain name like, this type of domain name is free but you must accept the “.netson” word addition.

However we will send you the definitive copy of  your personalized songs by email. After the selected creation days (from 1 to 34), if you like your demo, you will have your definitive personalized Magic Song, after 2- 3 days (this time is necessary for final recording, mixing and mastering).

Buy your life soudtrack! …It is for ever and over! It will be a jewel that will cause excitement more than a simple precious stone or an expensive metal ring! More excitement, more deep!

Contact us for any detail or to order your PERSONALIZED SONGS!

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