Measuring human body’s parts, will let you discover that the ratios among all these measures give one another approximately the same value. This value is the famous “Divine Proportion”, also called “Golden Ratio Number” (Phi), which its value is 1,618033… and its coniugate (1/Phi) 0,618033…

Observe the famous picture on the top-right. There are a lot of documentations on the Web about “The Golden Ratio”, both in art and in music. For istance, examining a piano keyboard you’ll notice that there are 13 notes in the span of any note through its octave. A music scale is comprised of 8 notes, of which the 5th and 3rd notes create the basic foundation of all chords, and are based on whole tone which is 2 steps from the root tone, that is the 1st note of the scale.  Now, put in ratio the found numbers 13/8 and 8/5 and 5/3 and 3/2. These ratios give approximately the same value: Phi=1,618033… As well the inverse ratios give (1/Phi)=0,618033… Furthermore 2,3,5,8,13 are numbers caming from “Fibonacci Series”, a series where each remaining number is the sum of the previous two.

Examine again picture on the top-right, it also underlines that human hand creates a golden ratio in relation to his forearm as the ratio of  human forearm to his hand is also 1.618033… that is the Divine Proportion. So we can write: forearm/hand=1.618033… as well 3/2 or 5/3 or 8/5 (see top-right picture again). This is only one of the numerous demonstrations of golden ratio that you can find in human body.

Previous examples show how it is possible to find relations among human bodies, golden ratio and music, demonstrating how “Magic Songs”, by applying “Golden Ratio” to musical chords and melody, obtains a song at your own image! But this method isn’t based only on theoretic calculations! Art can’t never come only from a ratio!!! We transfer human ratio image into our music through complicated and sometime very long interactions among the pianist composer, the instrument, the music hall, the recording room, the mixing and mastering procedures. Everythink must be in wise interaction to give “Divine Proportion” to a song!

Everything in Magic Songs’ music is in wise interaction to give your own image to itself!

If you are a musician or simply a Magic Songs fan and you wish to visit our studios, we will be happy to welcome you as Magic Songs special guest. We will show you all creation processes of our magic songs. We can arrange accomodation for all guests near our studios in Catania (the city of Etna, the biggest vulcano in Europe). Contact us for further informations.

If you are a sound engineer, you could be intrigued by our method to reproduce the “Golden Ratio” in “Magic Songs” music. We use a proprietary creation algorithm developed during our studies and experimentations of the modal characteristics of nonrectangular reverberation rooms. For a starting point you can read this article of ASA: “An investigation of the modal characteristics of nonrectangular reverberation rooms”  J. Acoust. Soc. Am. Volume 85, Issue 2, pp. 772-779 (February 1989). After five months of research on our experimental data  (gathered in our recording studio) we  have  improved the optimization procedure shown on the article above. After, surprisingly we have noticed that our new procedure could affect music compositions and above all it could also be applicable in music composition!… Yes, you understood, we practically apply this new improved optimization procedure to our music (naturally, without affecting the artistic nature of music creation!). Now, we are waiting for the patent and as soon as possible we will publish the complete description of our studies and creation methods. The earnings coming from this site will be used to continue our research and development.

Now, you are ready to test Magic Songs’ powers… Now you are ready to listen  “Prelude”,  first of  the Magic Songs collection, in a new way!



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