Magic Songs “Prelude” was created to boost all the healing powers of the MUSIC THERAPY (read more…), increasing the feel-good endorphins and raising levels of immunoglobulin A, which  fortifies the immune system.

The immunoglobulin A is a prime defense against upper respiratory infection so, you can fight off the common cold!!! This is only a very simple instance of healing power, because you can apply Music Therapy to deseases of various kinds (read “legalese” note below).

But how do Magic Songs work on your body or mind?

Well, the principle is the same that was shown on SLIMMING POWER section, so here, for convenience, we will report the same paragraphes.

…Whenever you clink a glass, it sounds vibrating at his own frequency called resonant frequency. So, you can vibrate a glass by clinking it with a  teaspoon, but isn’t  the only way to cause its resonance. Indeed, by generating  the glass resonant frequency with a simple tone generator, that glass will starts to resonate at the same frequency.

Imagine to sprinkle some water toward the outside of the glass and then stick a bit of earth on it. Afterwards, you see that the body glass is covered by superfluous material and it sounds different; basically it is stopped and repressed. Now, if you try to vibrate the glass  to its own original frequency with a tone generator or clinking it with a teaspoon, the glass will slowly reject all that superfluous material sticked on its outside. Therefore, while a sound (as well as a teaspoon) can crash a glass, through the right frequency the sound can also cleans it. Note that the glass, in the above experiment, stays stationary and therefore the mentioned vibrations are imperceptible

Well, we are glasses in a world of sounds. Obviously, we are made of organic material and then the interaction between our body and the sounds is more complex even if the nature of the interaction  is the same. Farther, the world’s sounds act on our body fisically but also through our psyche. For example, daily road traffic noise can act with bad vibrations on our psyche causing stress and, in its turn, this stress can act on our body with an excessive hunger. Sound therapy, or rather “music therapy”, can compensate action of all bad world’s frequences around us. Note that musical therapy can act not only through our psyche, but also directly on our body; exactly like  a tone generator can clean a glass by removing the earth sticked on it! Everything in the world, as well as every organ in our body, have their original resonant frequency just like that glass. When an organ loses his natural resonant frequency it could lose its health. We believe that Magic Songs “Prelude” can give that lost resonat frequency!

We also believe that, as Magic Songs gave to “Prelude” the best human body proportions (see MADE IN YOUR IMAGE section), thus “Prelude” song can influence everyone that has lost the ideal shape.  Furthermore, this ideal shape is intended phisically (as human body) and psychologically (as human mind). Note that also plants and animal bodies present in the world are made with the so-called “DIVINE PROPORTION” or “GOLDEN RATIO” (you can search about it on the Web) and consequently they can also be positively influenced by Magic Songs “Prelude”.

The fact that a particular sound wave or sound frequency can influence human body, was already largely studied and tested by MUSIC THERAPY. Also the interactions between sound frequences and the “Divine Proportion” have already been documented (you can make a quick research on Google or read the book “Healing Sounds” by Jonathan Goldman). The news is that for the first time Magic Songs is able to transfer the DIVINE PROPORTION into its song “Prelude” in an intentionally rather than intuitively way (read also THE GOLDEN RATIO IN MUSIC section). Now, if sound frequences influence our body (as tested by MUSIC THERAPY), a particular sequence of sound frequences would have a bigger effect. Magic Song “Prelude” could be that particular frequecy sequence.

Naturally the positive effects in MUSIC THERAPY (see What Is Music Therapy? our section for more details) depend from the exposure time to the positive sounds!  Consider that most of us are constantly plunged into the worst sounds in the world, as traffic or work noise. So if you want test Magic Song “Prelude” power, you must try to compensate as many times as possible your stressful life’s bad noises with its notes, bringing “Prelude” in your work places, offices, houses, cars, players, cellular phones…etc.

Don’t worry! It will be not always the same song because as soon as possible will add many other Magic Songs in its FAN PAGE!



If you wish to test “Prelude” power, please read very carefully the DOWNLOAD section!!! Be aware to all bad frequences cancellation in all  music formats present on the Web (like poor bit-speed mp3 or mp4). You can risk to lose the effect of “Prelude” by making your and our effort fruitless! Please read below…


Note regarding the DOWNLOAD!

If you would like to download “Prelude” by Magic Songs, please read DOWNLOAD section before.

_________________________________________________________________________ LEGALESE. Please, note that even if  Music Therapy’s effects were widely studied and tested by medicine, Magic Songs’ theory is an experimental theory (please, read  also our legal notice section). The healing power is obviously dependent on the person using our product and therefore we can’t guarantee that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s. But anyway we can certainly guarantee that our creation process was correctly applied and tested to all our magic songs.

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