Buying FAN PAGE subscription will allow you to get full access to a special page contents  of superior wav and mp3 versions of Magic Song “Prelude” that’s possible to DOWNLOAD by pressing simultaneously  the key “Alt” and the “LeftMouseClick” on the files. Your Fan Page subscription will expire in 30 days. The Fan Page is anyway legally intended to provide additional premium information and to allow high quality listening that’s ESSENTIAL to test full “Prelude” POWERS.


FAN PAGE subscription costs only USD 3,00 (dollar). The price includes the access to other possible new Magic Songs musics and developments uploaded during your 30 days subscription.


You might be find soon a  downloadable free version of “Prelude” on the Web  but you must be careful because those versions could be ILLEGAL and above all INEFFECTIVE. Indeed Magic Songs effect is expecially based on frequency ratios! (you must read very carefully SLIMMING POWER section). In fact, unfortunately mp3, mp4 and all the other compressed audio formats implicate a lot of frequency cancellations!!! …frequences on which are based Magic Songs’ effects!!! These frequences are cancelled because the compression algorithms of all audio softwares judge them useless because they could be inaudible, but this is not always the truth!

What is very insidious is that  you can find a wav file of “Prelude” created from a bad mp3 file, but it is still an mp3 file in wav format with the same bad cancellation of frequences!!! For these reasons, distrust always all Magic Songs files found on web! Remember also that a sharing software can lose a lot of data during file swapping! At last, consider all online shops have always mp3, mp4 files with too big compression factor to obtain full “Prelude” power!!! Try to get more information from an audiophile about Web file qualities…

NOTE: naturally, the files (wav or mp3) that you can listen inside are free of bad cancellation of frequences and severely tested and WARRANTED.

Now, you are ready to  go to Magic Songs’ FAN PAGE and buy your subscription.  Every single subscription expires in 30 days.

Please, contact us for any other detail.

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