Seduce, cure your body, your mind and your beauty simply by listening to “Prelude”, the magic song created to boost all the SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED effects of Music Therapy! An instance? Use Magic Songs powers in your phone and you’ll fight off the common cold whenever your phone rings!!!

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Another instance? Use Magic Songs powers in your office, in your car and in your phone and you’ll test its beauty treatment (rejuvenation, weight loss, etc.) whenever “Prelude” plays… or again, whenever your phone rings!!! (read the “legalese” note below).


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This is not a site of miracles or spells! Magic Songs are based on Music Therapy (read more…) that is the clinical and evidence-based use of music to help your body to improve or maintain its health.

Go thoroughly into the Magic Songs “Prelude” HEALING POWER (on body and mind), “Prelude” BEAUTY TREATMENT (as its slimming power on human body) and  at last the “Prelude” SEDUCTION POWER (the real seduction arm to conquer all the world!).

What’s the Magic Songs secret?

As God created you in his own image, Magic Songs create music in yours! (read MADE IN YOUR IMAGE section). The starting point of our research was the famous “Golden Ratio” theory also called “Divine Proportion” theory (read also THE GOLDEN RATIO IN MUSIC section for more details). The aim was to find a  practical as theoretical algorithm to create a music from Divine Proportion. Now, “Prelude”, first of the Magic Songs collection, is  that aim. Enjoy it!



IMPORTANT NOTE: the listening of the two players above doesn’t enable the complete “Prelude” power because of the too low audio quality imposed by Web streaming. Indeed, the 128kbps mp3, has already too much frequency cancellations for Magic Songs architecture (see DOWNLOAD  section for more details). If you like “Prelude” and if you want fully to test his power, you can buy the FUN PAGE subscription for only  3 USD (dollar).

…Note regarding the DOWNLOAD! ….Go to FUN PAGE!

If you would like to download Magic Songs “Prelude”, please read the DOWNLOAD section before.

_________________________________________________________________________ LEGALESE. Please, note that even if the effects of Music Therapy were widely studied and tested by medicine, we can’t guarantee that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s (read  also our legal notice section). But anyway we can certainly guarantee that our creation process was correctly applied and tested to all our Magic Songs.

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